Embedded Payment


MyFatoorah embedded payment is a new payment integration that enhances the user experience of the customers. The payment steps will be mostly done from your checkout page with limited redirection for the end-user.
The implementation is done through a few and straightforward steps. It will be illustrated for each type separately.

We have two types of embedded payment:



Kindly contact your account manager or sales representative to check the availability of this feature for your country.


You need to call InitiateSession Endpoint to get the SessionId and CountryCode to be used in your configuration. You need to do this for each payment separately. SessionId is valid for only one payment.

The endpoint on Swagger is Payment_InitiateSession

  "IsSuccess": true,
  "Message": "Initiated Successfully!",
  "ValidationErrors": null,
  "Data": {
    "SessionId": "601d963a-2f28-ec11-bae9-000d3aaca798",
    "CountryCode": "KWT"