Source Files

Install the MyFatoorah module via Odoo Apps Marketplace.



  • Currently, our module supports Odoo version 16.
  • You have to enable the Invoicing module.

Installation steps

  1. Extract the downloaded file
  2. Add the folder "myfatoorah_gateway" into your Odoo "custom_addons" folder.
  3. Enable Debug mode in Odoo.
  4. Restart Odoo Service.
  5. Click Update Apps List in the top menu.
  6. MyFatoorah module will be displayed as shown below:
  1. Activate MyFatoorah module.

Merchant Configurations

In Odoo Admin Panel, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Invoicing → Configuration → Journals.
  2. Select Bank from the Journals list.
  3. Add MyFatoorah payment method into incoming and outgoing payments then save the changes.

  1. Go to Invoicing → Configuration → Payment Providers.
  2. Select MyFatoorah module.
  3. Enter the Myfatoorah configuration as shown below:
  1. Select State (Enabled mode for live environment and Test mode for demo environment).
  2. Select Website.
  3. In the credentials tab, enter your Token and Country based on the state you selected.
  4. Optionally, you can add your webhook secret key.
  5. Save the changes.