Make a refund request


When you have charged a payer, and need to cancel the payment and return the funds to the customer. The funds will be returned to the credit or debit card that was originally charged. It is caused by double orders, products/services not being available, canceled bookings, etc. Now, you can make the refund request from the MakeRefund endpoint directly without the need to log in to your portal account. We have been working hard to make it as easy as possible to handle all vital business transactions from your side. We will explain how to integrate the MakeRefund endpoint into your site or application. Also, we will explain how to check a refund using your portal account.


Refund Request

Please note that this integration will generate a refund request at our finance operation team to be executed by them, so this means that this Refund Request is not sent to the customer till it's been reviewed and executed by MyFatoorah

How it works

You should provide three required parameters at least to make a refund request which are the KeyType, Key, and Amount parameters. The KeyType parameter can be either the "InvoiceId" or "PaymentId". You should previously save the InvoiceId parameter value from the response of calling the SendPayment or ExecutePayment endpoints. Moreover, after successful payment, MyFatoorah returns a PaymentId as a parameter in the call back URL. This PaymentId parameter can be also used to make a refund request.

You can optionally refund only part of a charge. You can do so multiple times until the entire charge has been refunded. Once entirely refunded, a charge can’t be refunded again. This method will return an error when called on an already-refunded charge, or when trying to refund more money than is left on a charge.


Currency Parameter

In the request, the currency parameter has been omitted, as the value passed for the refund would represent the account default currency based on the token you are using. So, please get sure of the amount and used token as they determine the exact amount to be refunded.

You still can follow up on the refund request status from your MyFatoorah portal account as follows:

  1. Log in to the Myfatoorah portal using your Super Master Account.
  2. Navigate to RefundsRefunds List.
  3. You will have the full information about your all refund requests.

Refund List