Test Token

The following is access information used within your testing/sandbox environment. It would be helpful to proceed with your integration to ensure that your application is properly communicating with MyFatoorah API. All that you need is the test API URL and a test API Key.

Test API URL: https://apitest.myfatoorah.com/
Test API Key: Follow the below steps to obtain your test API token key.

API Token Key

Click on the copy icon 📋 on the right side of the token box to copy it into your clipboard.



Test Currency

As long as you are in test mode, the currency will be in KWD. Once you switch to live mode, the currency will be the same as your portal account currency. Also, the invoice value will be converted to KWD using the MyFatoorah exchange rate.


Demo Account

To create a separate demo account on MyFatoorah to help you during the system integration, you can register a new account on https://demo.myfatoorah.com/. After that, email MyFatoorah technical team [email protected] to activate it with your required features.


Live API

For the live API environment, you must use the https://api.myfatoorah.com/v2/ URL and the Live API key.

Live API URL for Saudi Arabia: https://api-sa.myfatoorah.com/v2/