MyFatoorah Whautomate plugin

This integration was developed by the Whautomate team.

Installation Steps

Step 1:

Go to the Integrations page in the Whautomate platform then scroll down and select the MyFatoorah connect button to continue.

Step 2:

Follow the below instructions to configure MyFatoorah account.

Step 3:

Get your MyFatoorah API Key by following these steps. Add your MyFatoorah API Key to Whautomate configuration.

Step 4:

Select the Vendor's Country from the dropdown menu.

Step 5:

Configure the Webhook Settings by following these steps:

  1. Copy the Webhook URL as in the screenshot below:

  2. Navigate to Integration Settings in MyFatoorah portal -> Webhook Settings.

  3. Enable Webhook.

  4. Paste the Webhook URL on your Myfatoorah account.

  5. Enable Secret Key.

  6. Generate Webhook Secret Key.

  7. Copy the Webhook Secret Key.

  8. Select Transaction Status Changed Webhook Event and finally select the Save button.

  1. Paste the Webhook Secret Key in Whautomate platform and click save to connect your account to MyFatoorah.

Step 6:

After successfully connecting your MyFatoorah account, you can create an invoice and Choose "Request payment via WhatsApp" option to test your payment.

Step 7:

Open your WhatsApp account and Select the Make Payment button to continue.

Step 8:

Select a payment method and click the Pay button.

Step 9:

Enter your card details to complete the payment.