MyFatoorah Page

Save the payment card with MyFatoorah page


This feature allows the customers to save their card details (linked with a specific vendor) for the future payments.


Approval is needed!

In order to enable this feature, you need to contact your account manager.


Supported Payment Methods

Save Card Information feature works with the following methods:

  • Visa/MasterCard.
  • MADA.
  • UAE Debit/Credit Cards.

How it works

The vendor should provide a unique key related to the customer, and this key should start with "CK-". This unique key should be set in the UserDefinedField parameter at the request body of the SendPayment or ExecutePayment endpoints as described in the below example:

"UserDefinedField": "CK-12345", 


Field Length

The maximum length of the UserDefinedField parameter is 50 chars.

After adding the unique key in the request body, the customers will find a checkbox on the payment page, asking them to save their card information for the next payment, if they want.


In the next payment, the customers will find their saved cards and can choose any card to perform the payment with providing the security code. Also, the customers can remove the saved cards or add a new cards.




This feature is not available on Direct Payment, and you can use the tokenization instead.