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Installation Steps

Check the official plugin on the Zoho marketplace.

Set Up

To set up the MyFatoorah integration in Zoho Inventory:

1- Log in to your Zoho Inventory organization.

2- Go to Settings > Payment Gateways.

3- Click the Set up Now button for MyFatoorah.

Set up

Set up

4- Use MyFatoorah live token, Country, and Webhook secret Key (Note: For Test Mode Select vendor's country value as Sand-box Mode with test API token).

MyFatoorah - Zoho Settings

MyFatoorah - Zoho Settings

Webhook Configuration

  1. Log in to your MyFatoorah portal account and go to Integration Settings → Webhook Settings and configure your settings.
  2. Enable the feature.
  3. Add your Endpoint URL that is shown in the Zoho Commerce MyFatoorah setting page.
  1. Generate the Webhook Secret Key and copy it by clicking on the copy icon 📋 on the right side of the secret key box.
  2. Select the Transaction Status Changed event type.
  3. Click on the Save button.
MyFatoorah Webhook

MyFatoorah Webhook

Prerequisites for Receiving Payments

Before enabling the MyFatoorah payment gateway in your Zoho commerce/invoice, ensure that you have saved the following customers' details :

1- Customer Email.
2- Customer's First and/or Last name.


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