The "EditSupplier" endpoint is a POST request. It is used to edit information about a certain supplier. Detailed functionality of how to use this endpoint is explained in the Multiple Suppliers section.

The endpoint on Swagger is EditSupplier.

Now, we are going to declare the endpoint and its models along with each accepted parameter and possible value.


Request Header

Add "Authorization": "Bearer {Token}" to request header. Token of demo configuration can be found here.

Request Model

The request is a POST request with the following parameters:

Input ParameterTypeDescription
CommissionValuenumber, optionalA fixed value that will be deducted from each transaction.
CommissionPercentagenumber, optionalA percentage value that will be deducted from each transaction.
IsPercentageOfNetValueboolean, optionaltrue: deduct the percentage from the (total amount - transaction fees)
false: deduct the percentage from the total amount
Affects only in case of one supplier in the request.
DepositTermsstring, optionalDaily for daily deposits
Weekly for weekly deposits
Monthly for monthly deposits
OnDemand for OnDemand, i.e. on hold deposits
DepositDaystring, optionalIt is accepted in case of Weekly and Monthly
Weekly: You can pass values between 1 and 5. You can add multiple values.
Monthly: You can pass values between 1 and 30. It accepts only a single value.
BankIdinteger, optionalIt must be from the bank list received from GetBanks
BankAccountHolderNamestring, optionalIt should be string without any special characters or numbers
BankAccountstring, optionalonly numbers
Ibanstring, optionalIt should be valid IBAN.
IsActive boolean, optional
LogoFileHttpFile Model, optional
BusinessNamestring, optional
DisplaySupplierDetailsboolean, optional


Input ParameterTypeDescription
FileNamestring, optional
MediaTypestring, optional
Bufferstring, optional

Response Model

After viewing the Response Model that you will get as a result of your request, here, you will find full details about the Data Model of this API endpoint. Let's check it and its contents.

Response FieldTypeDescription

Sample Message

  "SupplierCode": 115,
  "SupplierName": "supplier_name",
  "Mobile": "string",
  "Email": "[email protected]",
  "CommissionValue": 0,
  "CommissionPercentage": 0,
  "DepositTerms": "Daily",
    "IsSuccess": true,
    "Message": "The Supplier Updated Successfully!",
    "FieldsErrors": null,
    "Data": {
        "SupplierCode": 115,
        "SupplierEmail": "[email protected]",
        "Date": "2020-11-24T11:08:00.2220936+03:00"