Drupal Commerce

Source Files

Install the MyFatoorah Drupal Commerce module via myfatoorah/myfatoorah_drupal_commerce composer.

composer require myfatoorah/myfatoorah_drupal_commerce

Or you can check the last plugin version from the official Drupal marketplace site.


  • Drupal Commerce 2.0 up to the last updated version

Installation steps

In the admin panel, Extend tab, search for the Myfatoorah module, select it, and click the install button to install it.


Installation steps

Merchant Configurations

In Drupal Admin Panel, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Commerce → Configuration → Payments → Payment Gateways section.
  2. Fill in Gateway configuration and use the API key as below.

Merchant Configurations

Demo Configuration:
Please, choose test Mode, and use demo token without the word "bearer".
You can use the list of test cards to explore the payment process.

Live Configuration:
Please, choose live Mode, and use your live token.