Authorization and Capture

Capturing/Releasing Amounts


When a payment is made using a gateway that supports authorization capture, you will have the ability to capture either partially or fully the amount of the invoice paid. You will also be able to release the amount of the invoice back to the customer.

How it works

  • Once the invoice is paid, it will appear in your MyFatoorah portal & in the response of GetPaymentStatus as "Authorize".
  • You can use the Release/Capture operations in the UpdatePaymentStatus endpoint.
  • In the body of the request, you can set the action to be either "Capture" or "Release"


Approval Needed

Contact your account manager to enable for you the Authorization Capture feature.


Auto Capture

You can choose if you want to Authorize & Capture on two different steps or auto-capture the amount directly using the ProcessingDetails parameter in the request to ExecutePayment.