Source Files

  • You can download the last plugin version from the official OpenCart site.

Installation Steps

Kindly, follow the below steps for installing the OpenCart extension:

  1. Login into your OpenCart admin panel. Navigate to Extensionsinstaller.
  2. Click on the Upload button, then select the MyFatoorah * file.
  3. Wait until you see the green message "Success: You have modified extensions!" and see the file listed in the Install History section.
  4. Navigate to Extensionsinstaller and be sure that the MyFatoorah plugin and appears is in the Modification List section.
  5. Click on the blue refresh button on the upper right side to rebuild your modification cache and complete your installation.

Step 2 & 3


Step 4

Merchant Configurations

In OpenCart Admin Panel, follow the steps below:

  1. Expand the Extensions list on the left menu, then, click on the Extensions.
  2. Choose Payments as the extension type.
  3. Myfatoorah V2 and Myfatoorah Direct Payment Gateway will appear in the installed payment extensions list. If not, please clear the cache folder.
  4. Click on the Install button to install the plugin into your system.
  5. Click on the Edit button to configure Myfatoorah gateway with API key using a demo or live token.
  6. Clear the site cache.

steps 1 to 2


steps 3 to 5

Demo Configuration:
Please, enable the test mode and use demo token.
You can use the list of test cards to explore the payment process.

Live Configuration:
Please, disable the test mode and use your live token.


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