The "GetSupplierDashboard" endpoint is a GET request. It is used to get the supplier dashboard. Detailed functionality of how to use this endpoint is explained in the Multiple Suppliers section.

The endpoint on Swagger is GetDashboard.

Now, we are going to declare the endpoint and its models along with each accepted parameter and possible value.


Request Header

Add "Authorization": "Bearer {Token}" to request header. Token of demo configuration can be found here.

Request Model

The request is a GET request with the following parameters:

Input ParameterTypeDescription

Response Model

The response is a SupplierDashBoard object as follows:

Response FieldTypeDescription
TotalNumberOfTransactionsintegerIt is the count of transactions made for this supplier.
TotalValueOfTransactionsnumberIt is the sum of the "InvoiceValue" parameter of transactions made for this supplier. It indicates the total sum of invoices of transactions before deducting MyFtoorah fees and vendor fees. This is calculated from the perspective of the vendor.
TotalSupplierInvoiceSharenumberIt is the sum of the "InvoiceShare" parameter of transactions made for this supplier. It indicates the sum of all supplier share values of transactions made for this supplier.
TotalDepositedAmountnumberIt indicates the actual amounts deposited into the supplier's bank account.
TotalAwaitingBalancenumberIt is the current awaiting balance for a specific supplier. It is the sum of supplier share values after deducting the MyFatoorah fees and the vendor fees. This amount is used in refunding or transferring the balance between the vendor and supplier. This amount will be available until the deposit terms interval is up.
TotalAwaitingToTransfernumberAfter the deposit terms interval ends, the "TotalAwaitingBalance" becomes the "TotalAwaitingToTransfer" amount to be deposited in the supplier bank account.
TotalBalancenumberThis represents the total amount in the supplier's MyFatoorah wallet. This amount includes amounts of invoices that are not approved yet.
IsApprovedbooleanIt is the supplier approval status. It will be true if MyFatoorah approves the provided supplier.
IsActivebooleanIt is the supplier activity status.

Sample Message

  "TotalAwaitingBalance": 44.758,
  "TotalNumberOfTransactions": 28,
  "TotalValueOfTransactions": 1766.736,
  "TotalSupplierInvoiceShare": 1239.456,
  "TotalDepositedAmount": 542.575,
  "TotalAwaitingToTransfer": 0,
  "TotalBalance": 44.758,
  "IsApproved": true,
  "IsActive": true