The "MakeSupplierRefund" endpoint is a POST request. It is used to cancel the payment and return the funds to the customer if the invoice has supplier information. This request has been created specifically for the Multiple Suppliers feature. It accepts invoices that contain one supplier or more.

The endpoint on Swagger is Refund_MakeSupplierRefund.

Now, we are going to declare the endpoint and its models along with each accepted parameter and possible value.


Request Header

Add "Authorization": "Bearer {Token}" to request header. Token of demo configuration can be found here.


Refund Request Responsibility

Please make sure to send one refund request each time, to avoid duplicate partial refund requests (You need to handle this from your system front-end side).
Moreover, Kindly note that the refund request responsibility is on the vendor side not on MyFatoorah Side.

Request Model

The request is a POST request with the following parameters:

Input ParameterTypeDescription
KeyTypestringState either it's "InvoiceId" or "PaymentId"
KeystringValue of the key type mentioned
VendorDeductAmountnumber, optionalThe amount that the vendor will refund from their balance
CommentstringExtra comments for your reference
SuppliersArray of RefundSupplier objects, optional


Input ParameterTypeDescription
SupplierCodeinteger, optionalThe supplier code you need to associate the invoice with.
SupplierDeductedAmountnumber, optionalThe amount that the supplier will send back to the customer.


Currency Parameter

In the request the currency parameter has been omitted, as the value passed for the refund would represent the account base currency based on the token you are using. So, please get sure of the amount and used token as they determine the exact amount to be refunded

Response Model

After viewing the Response Model that you will get as a result of your request, here, you will find full details about the Data Model of this API endpoint. Let's check it and its contents.

Response FieldTypeDescription
KeystringThe key value you have passed for the Request Transaction
RefundReferencestringThe refund reference generated by MyFatoorah for following up with the finance team
RefundInvoiceIdnumberThe InvoiceId of the refunded amount
AmountstringThe amount needed to be refunded
CommentstringThe comments that you have passed in the request.

Sample Message

  "Key": "3255777",
  "KeyType": "invoiceid",
  "VendorDeductAmount": 1,
  "Comment": "Refund for customer",
  "Suppliers": [
      "SupplierCode": 1,
      "SupplierDeductedAmount": 10
  "IsSuccess": true,
  "Message": "Refund Created Successfully!",
  "ValidationErrors": null,
  "Data": {
    "Key": "3255777",
    "RefundId": 86879,
    "RefundReference": "2024000024",
    "RefundInvoiceId": 3476036,
    "Amount": 11,
    "Comment": "Refund for customer"