Supplier Information



Please note that the Multi-Vendor feature can only be used through API communication to take place. The portal part is only designated to manage the suppliers' information and control. So, simply you can use the SendPayment and ExecutePayment endpoints and passing the value of the supplier code in the SupplierCode parameter.

Add a Supplier

Kindly, follow the below instructions to add a new supplier (vendor) to your portal account.

  1. Log in to the Myfatoorah portal using your Super Master Account.
  2. Navigate to SuppliersCreate Supplier.
  3. Fill in the required information then press the Create button.

Supplier Management

From your admin account on the MyFatoorah portal, you can easily add, edit, and delete suppliers under your account. Once you create a supplier, you will be able to manage all related data as follows:

  • Bank Information: The main supplier bank information that MyFatoorah will transfer the due amount to
  • Deposit Terms: You can specify the deposit interval for each supplier (Daily / Weekly /Monthly)
  • Hold Deposit: You can hold the deposit for the supplier at any time as per your business need

Supplier management list


Identify Supplier Invoice Practice

To easily identify a supplier invoices, we would recommend you to add the supplier code as prefix in CustomerReference parameter in the request of the creation for both Send Payment and Execute Payment

Supplier Commission Rate and Deposits

Once you have enabled the multi-vendor feature, you can control the commission rate for each supplier as well as the deposits. Please note that MyFatoorah is depositing the remaining invoice value after charging MyFatoorah commission, subsequently charging your commission from the supplier. Also, you can easily access the deposit list that has been associated with each supplier as per the screen below.


Suppliers deposit list


Low Value Invoice

If you have created a low value invoice, MyFatoorah will charge its commission first, then yours. If nothing is remaining then No Deposits will be shown to the supplier